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by mikeHEARTu

Reclaimer 04:00
Reclaimer, take our lives.


Reclaimer is an EP written mostly last year with something of a short story in mind. The idea of the story in my head for this EP was that one day while life was going on like it does in a normal fashion, a giant tidal wave came and destroyed everything we knew. I didn't really speculate too much on the why's in this case, it just seemed like a good enough basis to start dreaming something of a story.

The initial song is the beginning of the event when life is still as we know it. Then the dropout in the song is when the wave comes down. Endless Horizon is more on the resulting chaos that would happen. The Reclaimer track is more based out of a lot of The Ocean where as we make our way to the end of the album, we make our way deeper into the ocean and things get darker and doomier. The story doesn't bring a person down into the ocean quite yet but I like the idea and the musical implications.

Goddess Of The Ocean actually is a track about falling deeper into the ocean, though. If Reclaimer was a story, Goddess Of The Ocean is the end where we find ourselves falling into the ocean, coming to terms with our end. I was really inspired by a weird wallpaper where a person was falling in the water and below him was just darkness.

All of this, of course, is just my internal story. Because there's no singing or real lyrics, you kind of have to infer it to some degree based on my descriptions of it. Maybe one day there will be singing? These are also just major story beats. If Reclaimer was full album, I'd have to create something between these points haha.

Part of my idea is that the Earth is taking itself back, reclaim it, from us who pollute and destroy the planet and someone in the world would see this as some grand event where we also return to where we came from. Stories like that always seem really epic and fantastical, it was hard not to imagine one in this case.


released January 11, 2016

Big thanks to Patrick Setorie, Matthew Houston, and Joanne Macasiano for supporting me on Patreon! A little support goes a long way! <3


The album art is done by my friend Nelson. Thanks Nelson!



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